P1110342The Furniture Painting Circle of Székesfehérvár is operating since 2012 and it is lead by Radetzky Jenőné, furniture painting artist in the House of Artisans of Fehérvár.

0The Hungarian Wool Festival had been held for the 5th time this year.

01IMG 9436Fellow-craftsmen, friends and acquaintances gathered around Ambrus Éva, folk artist of cornhusk craft at the opening of her life-work exhibition.

01IMG 20170423 135131The Artisan's Association of Fehérvár has organized the Artisan's camp for kids in Pusztina for the fifth time this year from 17-28th of april.

IMG 9292Following the flute play by the Zentai Street Elementary School, Szenczi Jánosné, chairman of the Artisan's Association of Fehérvár greeted everyone who came to the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the XII. National Junior Folk Artisan Competition with a Várnai Zseni quote: