img 8650 cropThe „Harmony in Textil and Clay” exhibition was opened at Mór, in the Castle Lamberg on November 27th. We could marvel at the works of Szenczi Jánosné, Kováts Judit and Tóthné Albrecht Anikó – members of the Artisans of Fehérvár Association.

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Living in the big city we're surrounded by colourful and loud advertisements all telling us as Christmas' Eve is approaching: "Go, buy, and gift!"

But let's stop for a while and look into the half-lit and quiet cave of Bethlehem to feel the real spirit of Christmas.



We maid the beautiful presents.


 The photos can be viewed in the gallery here.

BETLEHEMI szép csillag PL megnyitó



We invite and welcome you  to the opening of the exhibition

“XIV. nice star of Bethlehem” 


DSC 0001Dear weaving collegues and Visitors!


Now we will meet again on 18.november at 13.30h.