img 9469Schneider Tamásné, Zsuzsa, member of the Artisans' Association of Fehérvár

won a special award on the national woven competition.





img 0141At the opening of the exhibition 'The Historical and Cultural Heritage of Calvinism in the living folk arts' Szenczi Jánosné welcomed all guests in the name of the Association of Folk Artists of Fehérvár.

IMG 0238’Children’s workshop’ – summer camp for children from 10 to 16 years
Beginning on July 3 the children spent a joyful week in the summer handcraft camp, organized by the Association of Fehérvár’s Craftsmen.

The pictures can be seen in the Gallery here.
IMG 6716The Forge and Knife Festival, which is the national meeting of knife makers, blacksmiths and weaponsmiths was held on June 24, 2017 and organized by the Association of Fehérvár’s Craftsmen for the fourteenth time.

fotEverybody liked the new, fresh green materials at the Women’s workshop is June, and beautiful dressing-cases were created, each was better than the others.