tojásIn handmade house
/Székesfehérvár Rác street27./

19th March 2016. 10:00-18:00

img 6666Every time if somebady go and walk in Racz Street you can go and enjoy the special hungarian yard of Eggs, painting the wanderfull motivums, and use the specials by painting.We were so Happy, you and the new people come and could try and enjoed it!

img 6726In 12th March you enjoyed the patchwork wirth Zsuzsa Bodane Fenyves and bead by Ildiko Jagasicsne Gabor. We were Happy the new people also try this wanderfull handmade technic!

img 6583Welcome to everybody , very fast you could met many interesting people, who painti g the eggs together, speked each other, saw the each other's work, ufter every body bring back to own work at home.

pageIn the competition  the member of Fehérvár gave the nice regard.

Zsuzsanna Füzes, pai ted by hand the scalf she got the fisrt feed

Antalné Dr. Gulyás got the second feed you can see that in exi ition in Békéscsaba.

Cogratulation for boths.

Photoes in the Gallery Here