01IMG 1197Visitors could make small leather goods (e.g. bracelets, key-cases etc.) under the guidance of Miklós Hídvégi, leather-craft folk artist and chartered artisan, in the House of the Association of Fehérvár’s Craftsmen on January 27, 2018.

Once a little boy entered the house with his mother. I was curious to watch the forming friendship of the experienced craftsman and - at the beginning - a little bit shy boy, and the easing of the boy while working. He eagerly went in for the materials, instruments and the heavy hammer. Miklós explained everything with love, taught the kid, and enjoyed his company. The carefully done work was a great pleasure for both the master and the boy. It was a nice afternoon for him and leaving, he happily said: ’I’ll come next time, too!’ Well, you are welcome!

Everybody, who could try this craft this day, who materialized his own ideas, could feel the joy of creation. They were happy to take their works, bracelets, necklaces, leather braids, and purses with them.

The pictures in the Gallery can be seen  here.