IMG 1102The exhibition, organized in the ’Tolnai utcai’ Member-Library of the ’Vörösmarty Mihály’ County Library was opened by the craftsman herself.

I’ve got acquainted with lace making 25 years ago, when I accompanied my girlfriend to a show – remembers Katalin. She was enchanted by this art so much, that since then she has been making her own pretty patterns; many of them became jury-qualified.
The wonderful lace works were introduced by Katalin. We got informed about the good quality materials and the lace making’s short history from the 15th century. In the showcases all the works are different in pattern and design, but each one is a wonderful and individual masterpiece, result of several hours’ work. It was a pleasure to hear the words of the craftsman, from which we could feel her love to pillow lace.

Congratulations to the craftsman!

We suggest visiting the exhibition, that will be open until January 31, during the opening hours of the library.

The pictures can be seen in the Gallery here.