gelencsr julianna1The 42. "100 Bethlehem mangel" exhibition was organised in Romein 2017.

Several  hand made works  were delegated from the Hungarian AMKA (Hungarian Handicraft Foundation) .Those works had been seen  in this  exhibition which were selected by  an jury before.

To our great pleasure  the visitors could admire an nice folk Betlehem called „Joy and admiration” which had been  made by Julianna Gelencsér  folk artisan by using material husk (maize leaves).
The work of our craftsman has been received prize int he competition AMKA in 2016 .

Congratulations to Julianna Gelencsér for  her  success and we hope that we can see many beautiful works  int he net exhibitions.


gelencsr julianna1Gelencsér Julianna Öröm és csodálat