01IMG 0702 The ’Shining Star of Bethlehem’ competition was launched fifteen years ago

by the House of The Free Culture, by the initiative of Jenőné Radetzky and Magdolna Varga. The aim of the competition was to help to prepare for the birth of Christ, for the feast of Christmas, and to show the rich traditions of the Hungarian sacred folk art and to inspire the creative urge of the children and adults. In the past fifteen years, lots of children and adults sent their works, thus showing, what the biblical story meant for them. By that time making of Nativity scenes of natural materials had been popularized for several years by the Hungarian Handicraft Foundation in Budapest.

It was proven immediately, that such an initiative fits our city, as the competing works in turns filled an entire exhibition hall. Nowadays the Saint Stephen House of Religious Education and Culture, right in the centre of the city houses the ’Shining Start of Bethlehem’ exhibition, and waits for the visiting families and groups, as a kind event in the Advent-season.

Besides the displayed Nativity scenes, in another showroom, there are old objects, pictures, old cookbooks, and nicely decorated honey-cakes to recall the used-to-be Christmas preparations, exhaling sweet and aroma of cinnamon.

Moreover here one can see the collection of textiles of our colleague-weaver, which were sewed and embroidered long ago by the local women in Buzsák region.

This year’s exhibition was opened by the greeting words of Antal Spányi, diocesan, and the professional evaluation by dr. József Gelencsér, ethnographer. Many of the admitted works were acknowledged and moderately awarded.

Jánosné Szenczi, president of the Association of Fehérvár’s Craftsmen gave information about the competing works, and congratulating the competitors, she handed over the awards and the memorial leaves.

This year 63 works were submitted, and according to the jury’s decision, all of them are exhibited in the hall. The members of the jury were: Katalin Landgráf, Hungarian applied artist and textile artist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, dr Ágnes Varró, ethnographer, and Jánosné Szenczi, president of Association of Fehérvár’s Craftsmen. All three of us agreed, that this year the submitted works, made by traditional and new technologies, were of high quality. We concluded with pleasure, that this year we had an increased number of competitors, and new schools had sent their pupils’ works. In some cases we recognized a new interpretation of the Nativity, reflecting their makers’ individual view.

The main standpoints of the evaluation were:

the nativity scene should be made of natural materials, using handcraft technologies for the creation, and should be about the feast of Jesus’ birth.

The jury awarded separately the children, the adults, the individual and the group works.

Children, individual category:

Miksa Radimeczky
Noémi Fenyvesi
Lilla Lőrincz
Martin Fojtek
Bálint Borbély

Children, group category:

Bella Badics, Bence Bálint, Béla Boldog and Alexandra Gonda
Saint Anthony of Padua School, Ceramics branch
Arany János Special Education School, class 7
Arany János Special Education School, classes 12A and 12B
Arany János Special Education School ─ Nóra Orsovai, Balázs Felner, Martina Banicz, Beáta Faragó
Hungarian State Railways Kindergarten, Bóbita group
Hungarian State Railways Kindergarten, Katica group
Hungarian State Railways Kindergarten, Süni group
Hungarian State Railways Kindergarten, Maci group
Aliz Pálfi, Nóra Pálfi, and Cintia Horváth
Our Lady of Fatima Primary School
Blanka Róza Szelényi and Kata Karolina Szelényi

Adults, individual category:

Tiborné Monostori
Márta Ujházi
Jenő Köpf
Ibolya Wildhoffer
Dilan Salih
Krisztina Horváth

Family category:

József Sárosdi and his family
Kluge family
Nóra Veronika Sipics, Boglárka Emma Sipics and their family.

The prize, offered by the Hungarian Catholic Radio, was adjudicated to Márta Újházi and handed over by András Radetzky, deputy chief executive of the Hungarian Catholic Radio.

The prize, set by the Fejér County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was given to Jenő Kopf and handed over by Éva Sipos, secretary general of the Chamber.

We congratulate the winners, and we thank all participants, that they with their works made Székesfehérvár’s Advent-season nicer.

Let the nice Bethlehem star shine brightly over the heads of both the competitors and the visitors, helping us to find the way to Nativity at Christmas.

The exhibition runs until December 22, and can be visited from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on workdays, and from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

The exhibits will be given back to the makers on the site of the exhibition in the Saint Stephen House of Religious Education and Culture on January 5, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no way to store the exhibits longer, so please come in the period given above.szöveg


 Photos can be viewed in the gallery here.