00IMG 0860As of 3rd of December, located in the Lamberg Castle, Mór.

"Dear friends invited me to this community a few years back, and I love participating in the preparation for great days and in the Woman's Workshop. I'm grateful that life has brought me such an opportunity and I aim to enjoy all it's moments." - Bodáné Fenyves Zsuzsa

This is an honest statement - said Jánosné Szenczi, chairman of the Community of Craftsmen of Fehérvár -, an encouragement and a path to follow for others as well. Zsuzsa worked 40 years as a kindergarten teacher, during which time she learned a lot of crafting techniques. As a pensioner a door has closed behind her, but the door to needleworks and the world of colours opened up. Now she has more time to spend with her long favorite technique: quilting.

If someone joins a community of artists, one can learn a lot of techniques and further their knowledge, while experiencing the joys of being part of a community. Zsuzsa is member of several such communities, like the Women's Workshop among others. She teaches girls and women how to use the needle and the machine, while making a creative atmosphere around her.

The exhibition can be visited until 22nd of December.

Open hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:00-18:00; Saturday 10:00-15:00; Sunday 10:00-18:00

Photos can be viewed in the gallery here.