0The Hungarian Wool Festival had been held for the 5th time this year. People were present in large numbers. Those who stayed despite the rain earlier that day, could enjoy the diverse programmes in the sunshine in the rest of the day.
In the House of Artisans, an exhibition of works made of wool awaited the visitors.
The presentations also took place there: Pásztókai-Szeőke Judit, independent archeologist let us peek into her research about prehistoric and ancient historic textiles. Haris Mária folk applied artist held a show with plant based dyes, Viha Lajos and Dezső Ildikó showed how to clean and handle wool cloth, and last but not least, Mordovin Maxim, archeologist of ELTE university talked about the cloth trade of the middle ages.

All the while in the backyard, everybody was at work. Everything was about wool in this colourful cavalcade. The visitors could not only try these activities but also learn some tricks from the professionals.

Like before, there were quite a applicants for the artisan challenges. Especially the pillow making was a popular task. All of them were beautiful, the jury was fascinated by the resourcefulness and quickness of the participants. The artists: Farkas Manka, Venczelné Danyi Judit, Lasancz Ildikó, Sáfrány Mária, Fodorné Dr.Kis-Fekete Ildikó és Mayer Györgyné, valamint Bresztyenszky Boglárka. Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for the participation, see you next year in the same place!

The pictures can be viewed in the Gallery.